Massage Chairs Review 2024


Looking for the best massage chair to help you relax during moments of stress? Then you’re in luck, because this review is about the best massage chairs and we have put together a versatile top 10, based on many customer needs.

In this article, we will start comparing the most relevant models and show you which massage chair is the best. We also provide a lot of practical information about massage chairs and answer the most frequently asked questions.

Find out which model best suits your wishes and needs and, above all, why that is the case. We are sure that your wishes will come true. Will you read along with us to make your best purchase?

The massage chairs in this article are generally not cheap. If you want a cheap model, you should read our other article.

The best massage chairs review

The massage chairs in this article are electric massage chairs, from different brands and have received the highest rating from us and customers. We tested them, compared them to the competition and they were rated as the best massage chairs.

For the rating, we studied countless reviews and experiences from previous users to ensure that every product we recommend is of top quality. Find the massage chair that suits you best below.

1. iRest massage chair (Best choice)

Don’t want to try out a massage chair first, but want to get the best buy right away? This is the massage chair that we have qualified as the “best massage chair”.

This electric massage chair is available in Black leather and brown leather and offers a wide variety of options. You can choose from five automated massages. In addition, twelve manual programs apply.

iRest Massage Chair

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This luxurious massage chair can perform five-speed settings, adjustable to your needs. There is also an air massage and heating available for optimal results. The heating is also adjustable with three different levels.

They have a Zero-Gravity application. This makes the body a lot lighter and the massage heads put less pressure on the body. The SL-shape technology ensures perfect massages of all body parts and the chair has very soft cushions.

The chair also offers advanced calf and foot massages for a nice massage.


  • The chair does not touch the wall when unfolded, because the wall is seen through the chair.
  • The foldable massage chair contains Zero-gravity technology. This makes you extra light in the chair. Pressure points will not feel unpleasant.
  • Ergonomic position
  • Built-in speakers and music player
  • Built-in air ionization, heating, USB, and English voice control.


  • Quality has a price tag

2. Real Relax massage chair (Best massage chair)

A lush and unique way to relax is with a Real Relax massage chair. Made in Spain with the best materials, this chair has a distinctive design and a therapeutic massage.

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The leather and wood colors can be matched to your style and current decor from 5 classic designs. This luxurious massage chair uses advanced technologies to deliver a distinctive and soothing massage, including precise scanning and patented leg massage.

You can use the wireless remote control to choose your favorite massage from a selection of 3 massage techniques and 6 programmed programs. The 3D Touch Control calf massage is excellent for releasing stress, and the “Intelligent” intensity adjustment mechanism guarantees a relaxing and tailor-made massage every time.


  • Complete personalization
  • 6 automatic programs, 3 massage techniques
  • Operation with remote control
  • Unique and highly intelligent intensity adjustment system


  • Quality and beauty come at a price

3. Osaki Massage Chair – Zero Gravity – (Good price/quality)

This Osaki massage chair is a great eye-catcher. The electric massage chair has seven advanced massage robots, which treat the body as best as possible. With the Zero Gravity mode, the chair can be tilted completely into the lying position.

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The chair has well-known and beneficial massage techniques at its disposal. Think of Shiatsu massages, tapping massages, compression massages,s, and acupressure.

It is a large massage chair to relax in. Of all the electric massage chairs, this is one of your best choices and we see it as a serious alternative to the above luxury massage chair.


  • The chair has a CE certificate.
  • 7 massage modes with 6 techniques
  • The upper body is massaged with an airbag and compression rollers.
  • Integrated crib and sleep mode.
  • Back heating in the back area.
  • The chair can be moved, with transport wheels.
  • Professional body shape scanner. (153 to 195 cm tall)
  • Integrated Bluetooth system
  • Integrated hi-fi speakers.
  • Special foot massages with the rolling technique.


  • Large massage chair: not suitable for small spaces

4. kahuna Massage Chair – L shape (pleasure for the eyes)

The Kahuna massage chair in black and brown color has a compact design but delivers a relaxing massage from the neck to the thighs. It features six massage systems, including a heated massager for the neck and shoulders, etc. for a more precise and enjoyable massage experience.

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With 6 automatic programs, five massage techniques, and adjustable speed and intensity levels, this electric massage chair offers complete relaxation. The L shape follows the natural curvature of the spine and the massage arms move from the neck to the buttocks and thighs. Other features include a retractable footrest with airbags for leg massage and a Bluetooth player for wireless music streaming.


  • 6 automatic programs with 5 massage techniques
  • L shape, which fits exactly to the shape of the spine
  • Two sets of massage arms and retractable footrest
  • Bluetooth player included
  • 3 speeds & 3 intensity levels


  • The maximum height of the user is 185 cm
  • And maximum weight is 120 kg

5. MB series Massage Chair (Beautiful black)

Want to buy a professional massage chair? Then the MB series Massage Chair Model 6 v4 is a good choice. This electric massage chair is robust and solid. The owner can expect a lot of comfort for the relatively high price.

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With this massage chair, you can massage away all injuries, fatigue, and pain complaints at the touch of a button. The chair has a very luxurious design and six adjustable massage heads.

The chair is made of artificial leather and is therefore easy to clean. This chair would not look out of place in a massage salon and is therefore one of the best electric massage chairs.


  • The massage heads address every part of the body
  • The seat has an airbag cover and is very soft
  • Integrated heating system
  • Has various massage programs
  • Built-in Bluetooth function


  • The price is relatively high
  • Large massage chair; not suitable for small spaces

6. Office Massage Chair (Homely & relaxed)

Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with the office Massage Chair. This office massage chair has been expertly designed to provide optimal comfort and support so you can relax and recharge after a long day.

With 7 strategically placed massage points, this chair targets key areas such as the head, neck, back, and calves, providing soothing relief and promoting muscle relaxation.

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You can adjust the duration of the massage to your personal preferences, ensuring a tailor-made experience every time. The built-in heating function adds an extra layer of comfort, helping to reduce tension and promote blood circulation in your back.

The chair is upholstered in black faux leather, which not only adds a touch of elegance,


  • Will look like a really beautiful chair on your interior
  • The massage feels good and certainly met our high expectations
  • 7 massage points to massage large parts of your body


  • Slightly less qualitative and extensive than some more professional options in this article

7. Compact massage chair (Small and compact)

The three massages are very relaxing and loosen the back muscles well. With three automatic massages and seven effective massage techniques, there is plenty of choice. This electric massage chair is made of very soft velvet and flexible leather.

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The massage airbags can make flexible dynamic movements, such as a swing massage. You can easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

There is a practical control one on the armrest. This can be operated very easily and intuitively. The massage heads go from the neck to the buttocks in this leather massage chair. Even the thighs are massaged. This is due to the special L-shape technology. This is of course an excellent choice and is certainly one of the best massage chairs.


  • Compact massage chair; Luxury design of leather and velvet
  • Fits in any room, due to its small size
  • Innovative massage techniques
  • Very relaxing massages over the entire body with SL-Shape
  • Easy control panel in the armrest
  • Easy to adjust and set.


  • Small massage chair. Larger people may find it too small. That is why this chair is more suitable for smaller and lighter people.
  • No adjustable backrest and footrest.

8. Medisana MC 825 massage chair (Good price/quality)

This is a very good massage cushion for your chair or sofa, basically a massage chair. The compact Medisana MC 825 has special and powerful massage techniques. The Medisana massage chair has, among other things, an acupressure massage to massage away spots if you are stuck.

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This also targets the muscles in the waist and upper legs. The massage can be performed at three intensity levels and the back is given a powerful Shiatsu massage. h the special finger pressure massages, the chair can generate life energy; Which will bring the energy in your body back into balance. In addition, the massages can loosen the neck, so that neck complaints are reduced and your neck feels relaxed again.


  • Features advanced massage modes
  • Finger pressure massages for the physical energy flow
  • Special heating function with infrared.
  • Three zones in the back can be massaged. The upper back, entire back, and lower back.
  • The neck part of the pillow is adjustable.


  • Massage chairs, such as the Medisana MC 825, provide firm massages. Some people find this too hard and not pleasant.

9. Vanciki Massage recliner chair

Want to buy adjustable massage chairs? Then you can think of this standard chair. This Vanciki massage recliner chair is made of artificial leather and is a wonderful massage chair to relax in.

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The chair has adjustable backrests. The ergonomic massage chair can be adjusted to the correct sitting position or lying position, so that all limbs, neck and back, are well supported.

This is a professional massage chair with 8 massage techniques that will certainly produce positive effects. The chair has a timer and remote control. The massage chair also has two massage levels and built-in heating.


  • Adjustable in different positions
  • Available in two colors
  • Built-in heat function
  • Includes handy timer


  • The massages can sometimes be a bit too intense.

10. Nouhaus Classic massage chair artificial leather white

The special Shiatsu massages of this Nouhaus classic massage chair have a beneficial effect on the body and mind. The technique ensures less stress and more relaxation. Back problems are also prevented.

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This modern massage chair has artificial leather in a trendy white color. It is an ergonomic massage chair with fourteen vibrating massage heads. The seat can be adjusted using the remote control. It is a relatively cheap Nouhaus classic massage chair and one of their best-rated chairs. This Nouhaus classic massage chair has even been voted by us as the best electric massage chair from Nouhaus!


  • Very comfortable seat with adjustable backrest
  • Combats fatigue, stiffness, and back problems
  • Adjustable footrest for the correct position of the lower legs, ankles, and feet
  • Fourteen massage heads, which optimally stimulate the back
  • including remote control


  • It’s a bit complicated to put together.

Buying the best massage chair: what should you pay attention to?

Buy the best massage chair in the Netherlands. If you are considering this, there are several factors to consider.

Quality: is key – make sure the massage chair you buy is from a reputable brand with good customer feedback. It is often the case with a massage chair that you get what you pay for. Our advice is therefore not to necessarily choose the cheapest option, but an option that is highly rated by customers and that has the massage functions that are important to you.

Comfort: an ergonomic chair is of the utmost importance – test any chairs you are considering or read the instructions carefully as well as the reviews from previous users. Provide nice comfortable material and soft cushions or soft leather, so you can sink into your new wonderful electric massage chair. You can assume that all options in this article sufficiently support ergonomics.

Purposes: what do you want to use your new electric massage chair for? Do you want it to match your interior or do you want a massage chair for your practice? You can imagine that you will then end up with a different choice. Nowadays you can also place massage chairs as a cushion on other chairs and even on your car seat.

Functions and massage programs: Which functions and massage programs are important to you? There are many types of massage chairs, including many shiatsu massage chairs, but also zero gravity massage chairs. A shiatsu massage chair provides a professional shiatsu massage, using its rotating movements. It is also very nice if you have an electric massage chair with a remote control so that you can operate it from your chair

Heat function yes or no? The heat function can be useful if you want to give your muscles some extra relaxation. Some seats have adjustable and built-in heating, meaning you can adjust the temperature to your specific needs.

Massage settings are also important; look for chairs that allow you to adjust speed, pressure, and type of massage, so you can customize your experience as needed, I like it when a massage chair has multiple types of massages so that you can get some variety.

Price: The price of your electric massage chair should also be taken into account: don’t pay for features you don’t need, but make sure it comes with the features and settings that suit your needs. Also look for massage chairs with a good price-quality ratio, for example by carefully reading the reviews. If the price is leading for you, also look at our review of cheap massage chairs.

With the above factors in mind, you will be able to find the best massage chair for many relaxing massages. You can then use your massage chair whenever you want for a wonderful massage. But what are the actual benefits of using a good quality massage chair? Read more about the possible benefits below:

What are the benefits of using a massage chair?

Using an electric massage chair can provide numerous benefits, from improving circulation to reducing stress and tension in the body. Electric massage chairs provide an intense experience with their rollers and airbags that can mimic the actions and techniques of human hands.

  • The deep tissue massage that a massage chair can provide has several benefits, which we have listed for you below:
  • Can provide support for back and/or neck pain
  • Provides relaxation and relief from stress
  • Can improve blood circulation
  • Serves as a massage for almost the entire body
  • Provide support for headaches and migraines
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improved posture
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Provides less tension in the body

If you want to use your new best electric massage chair for medical purposes, always consult with your doctor first, despite relevant proven benefits.

Scientific research into massage chairs

Advanced robotics and intelligent designs now make the latest massage chair models much more effective at providing personalized massage experiences, thanks to all the knowledge available today.

To improve the effectiveness of treatments, therapists often use electric massage chairs as an addition to traditional massage therapy. Recent scientific evidence has shown that electric massage chairs can do more than just provide comfort and relaxation and I’m happy to tell you what this means.

For example, electric massage chairs offer a wide range of health benefits, such as reducing muscle tension, helping to improve flexibility, and even helping with conditions such as lower back pain and headaches.

Regular use of electric massage chairs can improve the overall physical health of users and I would like to share some scientific resources with you below:


Studies have shown that regular use of an electric massage chair can reduce pain, improve posture, and even improve circulation.

Massage chairs can not only provide a soothing experience but also lower blood pressure.

Risks and disadvantages of massage chairs

Do not use the products for longer than recommended in the instructions for use and contact your healthcare provider in the event of medical complications, otherwise, events will not occur.

The different types of massage chairs

Are you diving into the world of electric massage chairs for the first time and are you looking for the best massage chair? Then you will soon notice that there is a wide range of options, each with its own unique benefits. Let’s look at the most popular types of massage chairs:

Shiatsu massage chair: Inspired by an ancient Japanese technique, this chair simulates the fingertip pressure of a professional therapist, for a wonderful Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massage is ideal for those who want to restore their energy balance and tackle muscle tension or simply want a very good massage.

Zero Gravity Chair: Sounds pretty futuristic, right? These electric massage chairs tilt your body into a position where your weight is evenly distributed, giving you the feeling of floating. What is the result of this? A deeper and especially more relaxing massage, with a special effect.

Full body massage chair: This all-rounder targets everything, all the way from your neck to your toes. Perfect for those who need extensive relaxation after a long day or are looking for the best product for their practice. This type can be combined with all other types of massage chairs for a wonderful massage.

Heated seats: Nothing beats the combination of heat and massage. These chairs have heated pads that help relax muscles and promote circulation.

Reflexology massage chair: For lovers of foot massages and especially foot reflexology, take note! These chairs include special functions for the feet, massaging each part of the foot and applying pressure to reflex zones to promote overall health.

3D and 4D Massage Chairs: These technologically advanced chairs go beyond the traditional up-and-down movements. They provide deep massage with nodes that can move side to side as well as forward and backward, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the muscles. 4D adds variable speed to the 3D movements, making it feel like you’re getting a massage from human hands.

Car massage chair: For those who spend a lot of time on the road, a car massage chair is a truly wonderful addition. Designed to fit over the seat of your vehicle, it provides relief from the tension and stress that often come with long drives or your long day at work.

So, whether you’re looking for something specific, like knot relief, heat treatment, or just a relaxing experience after a long day, there’s guaranteed to be a massage chair to meet your needs!

The options above can also be combined. This means that if you purchase a very high-quality massage chair, there is a good chance that it combines several of the above types in one massage chair.

Why can you trust our choices?

At Mindsetking we understand how important it is to have confidence in the products we recommend. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you the best massage chairs on the market that you can trust and rely on for a great massage experience that you will enjoy for years to come.

We know how important it is for our customers to have a very good massage chair, so when it comes to selecting electric massage chairs, our team takes into account many factors such as comfort level, massage chair features, quality of massage, design features, and price level.

We also look at customer feedback from people who have used these electric massage chairs before. This ensures that only the best quality models make it onto our list.

We have now tested all kinds of different massage equipment and can now call ourselves real connoisseurs and experts in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time can you spend on a massage chair?

It is best not to exceed 15-30 minutes. Your muscles have then had enough pressure to achieve optimal results. Furthermore, it is wise to use the chair a maximum of twice a day. Then the muscles and joints are not overloaded with massages. It is certainly better to perform more powerful massages in moderation.

How much should you spend on a massage chair?

A massage chair varies greatly in cost. Think of an average amount between 130 and 2500 euros. But there are also massage chairs for sale for up to 5,000 euros. The more professional the chair, the more expensive it is. Then you have a good professional massage chair with various massage techniques. Buying a massage chair does not have to be extremely expensive. It is much cheaper than at a massage parlor and you can have unlimited massages. You have different types. Consider the folding massage chair, the electric massage chair, the ergonomic massage chair, and the professional massage chair.

How do you use a massage chair?

To start using your electric massage chair, find a comfortable position and make sure it is plugged in. Once you’re ready to enjoy some much-needed relaxation, grab the remote and familiarize yourself with its functions. Most electric massage chairs offer different settings with different intensities and speeds. Simply select the desired mode by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control and let the chair do its work. It is important to always read the instructions for use carefully in advance, because use may differ slightly per model.

What are other good massage devices to have at home?

It just depends on what you are looking for: back massagers, for example? neck massage devices? Or perhaps foot massage devices or hand massage devices? Find out for yourself where you can use lighting. We are fans of the massage gun next to the massage chair because you can trigger very specific pain points with the massage gun, which is slander to the massage chair. Alternatives and other massage devices that you can add to your selection are massage mats, massage cushions, and foam rollers.