Massage Guns Review 2024

Are you looking for the best massage gun that suits your needs and tops the tests? This article will introduce you to the best massage guns on the market and explain their benefits and functions. You will learn more about these massage devices, such as what types of massages you can use them for. We will further explain how they work, attachments, speed, and other important things that you should not miss! Will you read on with us to find out which massage gun is best for your specific purposes?

To keep this article relevant and fresh, we update this article regularly, so you always know which massage guns are on top!

Review of the best massage guns of 2024

You naturally want to buy the best massage gun for the best deep tissue massage and you will hopefully find it in our massage gun review. Luckily for you, our experts have tested countless massage guns and compared customer reviews to give you the best recommendation.

Below you will find the best-rated massage guns of 2024. You can use these massage guns for your entire body and they all have good ratings. So you can’t make a wrong purchase!

1. TheraGun Pro (Best and most luxurious choice)

The Theragun Pro is in most respects the best massage gun and is different from most massage guns. Especially because of its unique massage power (30kg), and the many functions and extras that you get with this massage gun.

We also thought this Theragun was very good and were very impressed with the intense massage, in addition to the fact that all Theragun models are very good (our article about Theraguns).

TheraGun Pro

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It comes with a luxurious storage bag and you have a 2-year warranty. Key features include: Smart Percussive Therapy with Bluetooth connection, patented high-quality brushless motor with QuietForce Technology, 2 interchangeable lithium-ion batteries for longer use (150 minutes), 3 integrated app-controlled preset routines, adjustable arm for full body range, adjustable speed range (1750-2400 PPMS), wireless charging, power meter, and OLED screen.

The metal and plastic TheraGun G4PRO has a 12 mm shaft, a rotating arm with 4 positions, an amplitude of 16 mm, and up to 60% deeper muscle penetration.


  • No less than 30 kg of massage power
  • Equipped with an OLED screen and force meter
  • 3 integrated, app-controlled, preset routines
  • Many other top features and extras
  • No less than 2 years warranty


  • Quality has a price tag; the other models are a lot cheaper

2. Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun silver (Also very good)

Hyperice Hypervolt massage guns are one of the best-rated massage guns we have tested and we have tested all the good and well-known brands. With their patented Quiet Glide™ Technology, high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery, three-speed settings, 5 interchangeable head mounts, and pressure sensor technology, the Hypervolt offers an ideal combination of power, performance, and variety.

Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun

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The product offers various functions such as a battery level indicator, and a low-noise interchangeable massage head, and has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is also really a quality product and a very durable product, which is now sold for an acceptable price.


  • Almost perfect rating for strength and results
  • Very high-quality and durable product
  • Super quiet operation with a powerful battery
  • Best price/quality ratio and supplied by a very reliable brand


  • Priced a bit higher than average (you get more in return)

3. Aerlang Massage Gun – Professional Massage Gun (Best price/quality)

In this article, the Aerlang massage gun pro is not the best massage gun, but it is a very good and affordable massage gun. This Aerlang massage gun is used by professional athletes and physiotherapists and can be a useful addition to athletes, physiotherapists, and other professionals working in the fitness and rehabilitation industry.

Aerlang Massage Gun

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Let your muscles recover faster with this massage gun. By using the Aerlang massage gun, blood circulation in the muscles can be improved, which can lead to less muscle stiffness and more relaxation. In addition, the Aerlang massage gun pro uses the updated Aerlang technology to penetrate up to 80% deeper into the muscles than other massage devices. Moreover, it is one of the quietest massage guns in its price range.


  • Includes luxury storage case
  • 6 Interchangeable attachments
  • 20-speed settings
  • Very well rated in the review


  • The Aerlang massage gun pro does not have a remote control

4. MusclePro Mini – Professional massage device – (Good economical option)

The Muscle Pro massage gun, which is sold for a normal price if you ask consumers, is also very good in our experience. With the 4 different attachments and the 30 adjustable speed levels, this massage gun can give a deep massage to stiff or tense muscles, which can help to reduce stiffness and soften connective tissue.

MusclePro Mini

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Using this massage gun can improve blood circulation in the muscles, which can lead to muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation. The MusclePro Mini massage gun comes with 4 different attachments. This means that this massage gun certainly belongs in the list of the best massage guns.


  • Meets the expectations of almost every new user
  • Very convenient to use
  • 4 mouthpieces
  • Nice and powerful and feels solid in the hand


  • Experienced users have the impression that there is a little too little power compared to other types

5. Raemao Massage gun – Infrared with attachments

The Raemao massage gun offers a perfect combination of high-quality materials, the latest production methods, and leading technological performance. They are so confident of the quality that we offer a 3-year warranty. The massage gun is also handy for the go; It comes with a practical hard case for easy portability.

Raemao Massage gun

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With 10 different settings, you can choose from 15 massage heads that are suitable for muscle pain, preventing injuries, and stiff muscles, and stimulating blood circulation in the legs, back, neck, shoulders, calves, arms, hands, and feet.

The battery life is 10 hours while the charging time is only 3 hours and the massager has overheating protection; After 10 minutes it switches off automatically but can be restarted immediately. What if you are unexpectedly not satisfied with it? You will then get your money back.


  • Makes a lot less noise than most massage guns
  • Delivered in a nice case
  • 15 different speeds and infrared function
  • Sleek design and excellent quality


  • The charger is a USB charger

6. Renpho active massage gun – newcomer (Best lightweight)

The Renpho active massage gun is a professional massage device that provides targeted pressure on muscle fibers and pain points to loosen your muscles, improve blood circulation, or simply provide a relaxing massage.

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This massage gun uses pulsating taps that go deep into the muscles, everyone can easily hold it because it weighs only 68 grams! By massaging each muscle group for 30 seconds, you can increase muscle activation for physical activities and reduce the risk of injury.

With 5 speeds and 5 massage heads, you can get the right intensity in the right place, suitable for both people with sensitive muscles and avid athletes. It has a long battery life and automatically switches off after 10 minutes (if desired), so you don’t have to keep an eye on the time.


  • Quality device, value for money
  • Uses pulsating tapping, which goes deep into the muscles;
  • Enough to provide precise pressure on the muscle fibers and pain points to recover faster and promote pain relief!
  • Very durable massage device


  • Little distinguishing features compared to the above massage guns

7. Fit king massage gun – 20 speeds – Long battery life

The Fit king is a massage gun with no fewer than 20 speeds and 6 attachments, which means this model offers a lot of variety. It can also help reduce muscle fatigue after a workout or treat neck and back problems on a very personal level.

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Just like the other options, this massage gun also relieves muscle pain and can promote blood circulation. A workout without muscle fatigue the next day is what every athlete would want. In our experience, no more sleepless nights due to a stiff back or restless legs.

It is available in black and comes with a nice portable case and a free e-book.


  • Usage life of a Massage Gun: The battery lasts a long time
  • Supplied in a handy case
  • Extremely quiet & powerful
  • Incl. portable compact suitcase
  • 6 heads and 20 speeds and free e-book


  • Premature defect, but this is always covered by warranty

8. Maswater Super Powerful Massage Gun

Do you want a professional masseur at home who can quickly relieve all your muscle tension? Then the maswater super powerful massage gun is a good choice for you! Whether you exercise intensively, work a lot, or like to receive professional massages, the maswater super powerful massage gun is suitable for anyone who is looking to reduce muscle tension and achieve more relaxation.

Maswater Super Powerful Massage Gun

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It is certainly one of the best massage guns because of all the positive customer reviews. With its various attachments, this massage can make stiff muscles disappear like snow in the sun, through a wonderful vibration massage, because we enjoyed it. The price of this massage gun is average.


  • Provides relaxation of the muscles
  • 7 different speeds
  • Includes luxury stand and stress ball
  • For the whole body


  • The massage device does not have a timer

9. Muscle Massage Gun

The Muscle massage gun has been specially designed and updated for avid athletes who want to take extra good care of their muscles. With this massage gun, you can give a healthy and powerful muscle massage after a tough workout because it is one of the most powerful massage guns we have tested.

Muscle Massage Gun

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This massage gun is ideal for preventing and treating annoying injuries and persistent muscle pain, just like with a professional masseur. This massage device uses new tapping massage technology to intensively massage your muscles, which promotes blood circulation in your muscles and tendons.

With the advanced Muscle massage gun massage gun, you have plenty of variety with its 8 attachments and 32 different speeds, all of which work quietly.


  • Has several different types of massages
  • A very compact, solid device with many options
  • Very long operating time with a powerful battery.
  • Very powerful and also super quiet


  • The massage device is not wireless
  • No remote control to operate the massage device

10. HeaDot Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy Gun

Introducing the Headot deep tissue muscle therapy gun: an innovative handheld massage device designed to reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension at a very affordable price.

HeaDot Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy Gun

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This lightweight, quiet massage gun comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that can run for up to 6 hours depending on the intensity chosen. An ergonomically designed handle allows comfortable use, while a handy storage case makes it easy to store or take with you on the go.

The massage gun has an LCD touchscreen and you can choose from 30 different speeds up to 3500 RPM for the perfect vibration massage. There are 6 interchangeable heads for easy access to all body parts and muscle groups. Ideal for athletes who want to improve their performance and prevent injuries or cramps.


  • Multiple speeds to adjust intensity
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • The massage device is wireless
  • Relatively cheap massage gun
  • 6 attachments – 30 speeds


  • The massage device cannot be operated with an app
  • Has no timer

Looking for the best minigun?

There are also small massage guns, which are less powerful and less suitable for a hard massage but can still offer a nice and cheaper alternative. In addition, they have even more advantages such as their ease of use and that they are easy to take with you, for example when traveling.

What do you pay attention to when buying a massage gun?

If you want to buy the best massage gun, you naturally pay attention to the quality and the positive, but also negative reviews. That’s probably why you ended up in this article. To help you choose the best massage gun, I would like to share the following points with you below:

  • What type of massage gun are you looking for? There are several types of massage guns on the market, varying in size, power, and price. Some are small and compact, which makes them ideal for taking with you when traveling (for example a mini massage gun ), while others are more powerful and more suitable for more intensive massages.
  • Various functions: different massage guns have different functions. For example, there are massage guns with infrared functions, which other massage guns do not have. You can also operate some with an app (via Bluetooth), with which you can even receive tailor-made advice (some hyperbole massage guns for example). Think carefully in advance about which function is important to you and adjust your product choice accordingly.
  • Attachments: A massage gun comes with various attachments that you can use. Some attachments are more effective for use on certain body parts. We will discuss this in more detail later in the article. Our experience is that 5 attachments are about enough. The base often consists of 4-5 attachments that are the same.
  • Speeds: Massage guns are usually supplied with multiple speed settings and sometimes this goes up to 30 different speed settings. Our experience is that only a few speed settings are sufficient. Some of the best massage guns have about 5-10 speed settings, which is more than enough.
  • Noise level: Is a quiet massage gun important to you when using your massage device? Then pay attention to the maximum number of DB that the massage gun produces in terms of sound. In general, you usually massage for 10-20 minutes with a massage gun, so our experience is that you do not necessarily need a very quiet version.
  • Battery life: Less important than the above options in our opinion because you will mainly use the massage device at home. If you use it in your practice, it can of course be nice if you do not have to continuously charge it. In this case, look at the battery life, some models can last up to 6 hours without charging.
  • Weight: Do you want a light massage gun so that you don’t get a paralyzed hand/arm when you massage yourself or your partner? In this case, you can pay attention to this. Some massage guns are lighter than others, such as some models from Hypervolt Hyperice. If you want to spend a little less money, look for a good mini massage gun to obtain a lightweight one.

With the above points in mind, you can certainly purchase a very good massage gun with which you can give yourself a professional massage. Are you curious about how you are using your new massage gun optimally? Then read on in the next paragraph:

How do you use a massage gun?

Have you already selected your best massage gun and are you curious about how you can best use this massage gun? Below I would like to share a guideline with you for the correct use of each massage gun:

  1. Read the manual before use: Before using the massage gun, it is advisable to read the manual to avoid incorrect use.
  2. Choose the right attachment: Most types of massage guns also have different attachments. These are also called massage heads and are specially designed to treat specific muscle groups. They are often made of soft materials, such as silicone or rubber, and are available in different shapes and sizes.
  3. Choose the right speed: For the first time, it is best to start at a low speed. If you already know what you like and what works for you, you don’t have to slow down and choose your favorite setting among all the different settings.
  4. Massage the muscle groups: Choose which muscle groups you want to massage and gently massage over the skin. Don’t go back and forth too quickly and press gently on your skin or that of the other person. You can then indicate whether it can be a little louder. Massage for about 15-20 minutes in total.
  5. Store the gun neatly: Put the massage gun neatly back in the case after use and clean it now and then. This way you extend the lifespan and you don’t have to buy a new one as quickly.

Do you want to know in detail how to use a massage gun? Then go to our article about this.

Attachments for a massage gun

Depending on the brand and point of sale, a massage gun is supplied with different attachments. Usually, there are 4 or 5 attachments, but some of the best massage guns come with more attachments than that.

  • The wide relief head is used for body massages. This is the kind of vibration massage you get when you want to warm up or cool down after a general physical sport, such as football or tennis. It brings the entire body into a relaxed state, with warm muscles ready for action.
  • The small, round head, also known as the spherical head, is used to warm up, and cool down the soft body muscles or to give a light, therapeutic massage. Knots and hard spots can be massaged away in a targeted manner.
  • The rocket head is intended for vibration massage of the back muscles, leg muscles, or the muscles in the arms. Relaxing or therapeutic, or a bit of both massage. In any case, the muscles are intensively massaged if you also increase the speed a little.
  • The U-shaped head is more specifically intended for massage of the spine. The muscles that run along the spine. The so-called broad back muscle is too thin and is not intended for lifting heavy weights. This muscle group is involved in almost all movements of the back, including breathing.
  • Fork-shaped attachment: Sometimes the muscles around the spine do not release properly, even with a fairly intensive massage. But a massage with a fork-shaped attachment can help if you have problems. This attachment loosens the muscles through a nice massage around the spine. Choose from the different settings (speeds) that feel best for you in this location.
  • The thumb head. This head has a separate function. It is a tool for administering shiatsu massage to yourself or others. If you use your thumb, that thumb will soon need massage itself. The pressure with Shiatsu can increase and become very high. With this attachment, you can get started with peace of mind, even for an intensive massage.

More information about the attachments of a massage gun? Visit our page about this.

Scientific research into the benefits of massage guns

Massage guns are becoming increasingly popular to relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation. They provide a convenient and targeted massage experience, with adjustable speed settings that allow you to customize your massage session.

In general, a massage gun offers the following benefits:

  • Better blood circulation in the body
  • Contribute to better recovery and less muscle pain after a heavy workout
  • Cheap version of a massage therapist
  • Massage for the whole body
  • Combat muscle stiffness
  • Combat muscle fatigue
  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Relieving muscle pain

They are also a good option for massaging your entire body with a single device, unlike other massage devices. They are also more user-friendly than a foam roller, another popular massage device, with which you can massage your entire body. A foam roller is sometimes very painful for users and is more difficult to operate to reach specific areas.

Scientific evidence

Studies have shown that a massage gun can effectively relieve muscle pain, tension, and fatigue. A study published at the University of Winchester has reported that a massage gun can reduce muscle soreness after strenuous exercise.

A study on athletes and massages concluded that massage guns can reduce muscle fatigue after strenuous events.

This suggests that a massage gun may be an effective way to help muscles recover faster from strenuous activities or sports. Massage guns can be a great way to relieve muscle pain, reduce stiff muscles, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation.

With the right massage gun model and technique, users can experience the same benefits as a traditional massage.

Risks and disadvantages of a massage gun

If you are healthy and use the device according to the instructions, there are no risks. Do you suffer from a medical condition or a (serious) injury? Please contact your doctor or healthcare provider before having a relaxing massage with a massage gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I use a massage gun each time?

It is recommended not to use a massage gun for more than 15-20 minutes per day, depending on the intensity and needs of the muscles. A few minutes per muscle group is often sufficient to loosen knots and initiate faster recovery.

It is important to listen to your body and not massage it for too long if it feels painful or uncomfortable. In addition, it may be useful to choose a professional massage gun with pulsating technology or vibration technology to penetrate deep into the muscles for an effective vibration massage.

When should I not use a massage gun?

As beneficial and relaxing as massage therapy may seem, there are instances when you should talk to your doctor before beginning. That’s because these massage accessories can be powerful tools, not only for delivering pressure but also for stimulating nerves that go where they don’t want to go!

So if any of these injuries or conditions apply, beware: A massage gun can do more harm than good! If your muscles are overstretched, it is sometimes better to refrain from any type of massage. Also for fractures, deeper wounds, or inflammation, massage with or without a massage gun is not necessarily good for your body. During pregnancy, only in consultation with your GP or specialist.

How should you clean a massage gun?

Clean the attachments of your massage gun. Wipe them clean with a dry towel at least once a week. Avoid overcharging the massage gun. Wipe the body of the massage gun with a dry, dust-free cloth to remove any sweat stains. Store the device in a dry place at room temperature.

How often can I use a massage gun?

Once a day, for about ten to twenty minutes. Too little and you will miss your target, too much and the device will quickly wear out. Of course, the use rather depends on the reason.

What do you use the massage gun for? If it is part of a treatment, a deep vibration massage may also last longer or require several times a week. Relaxing body massages more than once a week and no longer than twenty minutes.

What is a good price for a massage gun?

Of course, prices vary widely and you can’t buy the best massage gun for a few bucks. The cheapest models are available for thirty to forty euros. The price of a more expensive model can quickly rise to a hundred or hundreds of euros.

But don’t let the price put you off. If you read our comparison article carefully, you will certainly find a good massage gun for a reasonable price. We also include price as a weighting factor in our assessment.

Are the massage guns in this article professional?

Your physiotherapist may use a different, sturdier massage gun than the device you want to purchase for your use, but that is not always the case. A professional massage gun does not have to be heavier and in fact, most devices that are now on the market are of professional quality.

Is it a good idea to buy a cheap massage gun?

In general, buying a cheap massage gun is not a good idea. This is because these massage guns often break much sooner (we are talking years), so you quickly have to make a new purchase.

This means you can end up losing even more money. Some brands do offer massage guns for a cheaper price than their competitors and the quality they deliver is almost the same. You can also find these products in our article.

What is the useful life of a massage gun?

Of course, the duration of use is highly dependent on the intensity with which you use the massage gun. If you want to make the muscles of the entire family flexible again, you will have to buy a new massage gun more often.

The weak point of any electrical device with rechargeable batteries is indeed the batteries. A good massage gun will last more than a year, and you can extend its lifespan by paying close attention to the batteries.

The advice here is clear, follow the instructions for use carefully. Preferably read them before purchasing so that you know where you stand.

Can you use a massage gun during pregnancy?

It is important to be careful when using a massage gun during pregnancy (as with any massage device) because the powerful vibrations and pressure of the device can potentially affect the well-being of the unborn child.

It is advisable to first ask a doctor or midwife for advice before using a massage gun during pregnancy. It is also wise to massage only on pre-approved areas of the body and not to use too high a speed.

Are Sanbo’s massage guns good?

Sanbo has been one of the leading manufacturers of massage guns for years, but with the sudden emergence of so many options on the market, you may be wondering if the Sanbo massage guns are worth your money.

If you are still unsure about purchasing a Sanbo massage gun, we have news for you! While these devices offer numerous benefits for those looking to reduce muscle tension and pain, there are better options on the market today.

Our team at Mindsetking has spent a long time testing and comparing all kinds of massage guns on the market, including Sanbo’s massage guns, and we’ve put together a list of our top picks. Unfortunately, Sanbo does not belong in our list of the best massage guns and you can also get that from the reviews and experiences of other users (although the difference is not huge).

If you still want to buy a massage gun from Sanbo, you can find the best models in our corresponding section Sanbo massage gun review.

What are other good massage devices?

Would you like to pamper your body in more ways with different massage devices? Then consider massage chairs, massage cushions, a massage mat, a massage roller, or an infrared massage device. We would like to say that with massage guns and their deep tissue massage, the muscles are intensively massaged and that as far as massage devices are concerned, this is a perfect vibration massage.

Deeper insight into the different brands of massage guns

There are so many different brands of massage guns that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. That is why we would like to inform you in this section about the most popular and best brands. We also take a closer look at several wholesalers who sell massage guns.

The most popular brands of massage guns

When it comes to finding the most popular brands that produce a massage gun, we did the research and found that the following brands dominate the market based on their popularity in internet search results:

  • Enjoy life massage gun
  • Hyundai massage gun
  • Northwall massage gun
  • Sanbo massage gun
  • Silvergear massage gun
  • Theragun massage gun
  • Tunturi massage gun

Brands that offer the best quality

After doing many tests, we can conclude that the brands below produce the highest quality massage guns.

  • Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun
  • Theragun

Why not buy a massage gun at Action, blocker, Lidl, etc

Despite the popularity of Action massage guns , for example , the larger department stores generally have difficulty purchasing the best performing massage guns.

Our experience is that there is not much professional knowledge among the people who work in these stores and that is not the only thing. They often want to sell below the price and are forced by their own rules in this area to choose a lower quality. Our partners do not have that problem, mainly because they are simply the largest buyers on the market.